J. B. Coxwell sponsor for the Seamark Mud Run

J. B. Coxwell is proud to be the title sponsor for the Seamark Mud Run this year.  Seamark ranch works tirelessly to help children that end up in foster care.  The founders of Seamark Ranch recognized that many children were not receiving the love and care that they needed in order to overcome the loss, grief and trauma caused by family crises.  They have worked to change the face of childcare for the fortunate ones who find their home at Seamark Ranch.  Each year they do a mud run to raise funds so that they can help more children in need.

Not only is this event for a good cause, but it is a lot of fun as well.  We aren’t just sponsoring the event.  We have a team of 25 employees and family members that will be racing.  Please go to the event website for more details.  https://www.seamarkmudder.com/