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SR-100 Starke, FL

The project was constructed in the heart of historic downtown Starke and consisted of roadway reconstruction of SR-100 extending from US-301 to Laura Street and included a new bridge crossing over the CSX Railroad Tracks. Much care was taken to preserve the existing historic buildings with implementation of non-vibratory drill methods and press sheeting for the bridge foundation along with close monitoring of all surrounding structures during construction.

The project also included milling and resurfacing along South Street and SR-230 along with decorative stamped concrete round-abouts along SR-230 at Walnut Street and South Thompson Streets.

Many decorative features were constructed along the SR-100 corridor, including a Smooth Troweled exterior finish along all of the sidewalk and under the bridge, decorative stamped concrete under the bridge, decorative brick column wrapping on the bridge columns, decorative lighting, and a stamped brick pattern along the traffic railing on the bridge.

The project required coordination efforts with many entities, including FDOT, CSX, the City of Starke, AT&T, and Comcast and has created an excellent gathering spot for a variety of events for the residents of Starke.